Rebecca is grateful for Toastmasters as its practices have helped her conquer paralyzing social anxiety, fear/phobia of public speaking, and Impostor Syndrome.

Having endured these fears for over 45 years, (because of childhood trauma), she has learned to overcome debilitating shame by repetitious cognitive behavioral therapy, and facing and telling her story.

She has spent her lifetime researching and undoing the mental illness that child abuse caused and dedicates most of her time to helping others. If interested for yourself or someone you love, please click on:

In her free time, she enjoys the beauty of Scottsdale / Sedona Arizona, personal development seminars and workshops, visiting with friends, meditation, yoga and spiritual retreats. She has two loving, compassionate daughters ages 28 and 22, who she adores!

Born in Los Angeles and growing up in Orange County, California, she ventured to Scottsdale, Arizona, which has been her home for almost 30 years. She now works part-time as an “Old Town Scottsdale” golf cart tour guide and entertainment specialist. Call 480-808-6917 to arrange a tour or night on the town today!

Some of her proudest moments and accomplishments are…

  • American board-certified clinical Hypnotherapist and certified Life Coach from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with a Mind/Body Transformational Psychology degree.
  • Substance Abuse and Peer Support specialist with Terros Mental Health in Phoenix, Az.
  • Tony Robbins Life Mastery, Leadership Academy graduate and crew/staff member for 5 years.
  • CMO Chief Marketing Officer for Compassion Inc., Personal Development Workshops in Mesa, Arizona 
  • Rebecca’s Rose Garden
  • Owner / Operator for 20 years on Scottsdale Rd. in Arizona
  • Toastmaster member 8 / 2019
  • Vice President of Membership 9 / 2019

Contact information…